The Tepsol brand has entered a new stage in its history. As a company, its role was decisive in the field of sun protection and safetyand we are proud to look at this heritage. However, we need to think about the future. Looking at an evolution not only of what our brand stands for, but also how it represents what it stands for.

The brand carries the responsibility of reflecting the company’s history, internal and external communication, performance and quality, relationships with partners, suppliers and customers and more. Thus, given the current market requirement, it became a necessity to renew the logo.

Successful brands effectively manage their image through deep knowledge of their values ​​and the character they convey.

As a developer of sun protection and safety techniques, Tepsol had an equally technical logo as the main visual representation of the brand. The new logo reaffirms this characteristic, adding new values ​​and bringing the brand to the present, creating a modern, simple, flexible, dynamic and adaptable system, that accompanies the pace of change of this sector.

In the past, Tepsol has adopted the symbol of a sun hidden among several lines representing the protection techniques created. Building on this heritage, and considering not only the increase in the range of product types, but also the main values ​​on which Tepsol is based, our brand is represented with a sun composed of several parts referring to the diversity of innovative solutions that we offer, in a movement of continuous growth, leaving a small empty space so the form in its totality indicates protection.


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